Ambassador of Bergh in het Zadel

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Bergh in het Zadel is one of the largest private fundraisers of the KWF. The hundreds of volunteers work 'pro bono'. All donations, in whatever form, fully benefit cancer research. No expenses will be reimbursed and KWF will not charge any organizational costs.

Since 1990, we have financially supported and made numerous studies possible. With the proceeds from the bicycle tours, GolfdagBergh, Ambassadors, Barghse Jonges, Montferland Cultuurfonds and many other initiatives.

Since 2007, a major scientific study has been selected at least once every four years, as well as a number of smaller studies. All submitted requests are carefully reviewed by the KWF and the Radboud Oncology Fund. This will then be followed by approval of the medical committee of Bergh in het zadel.

Bardet-Biedl Foundation

This year PNE Benelux BV sponsors Carlijn Polman who suffers from this disease by donating money the the people who walk the 4-days Marches Event in Nijmegen this year.
Unfortunately our newspaper are in Dutch!


Ruby and Rose foundation - 4-days Marches Event Nijmegen 2014

The aim of the Ruby and Rose foundation is to raise funds to finance research projects in the field of diagnostics and treatment of gynaecological cancer, awareness campaigns and initiating projects and activities in the context of the above objectives.

Here for we sponsored Danny van der Voorst for participating in the 4-days marches event Nijmegen 2014.


Wees een lach voor Albaniƫ

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